James N. Morrison - Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer
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James N. Morrison Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer


Why are some companies so successful compared to competitors? One answer is effective leadership. Companies are faced with a changing economy, downsizing, motivating workers, dealing with changing technology and cultures, and more. In this program, Jim defines leadership, identifies leadership concepts and characteristics of good leaders. Jim will show examples of how to reward employees inexpensively, how to get employees involved in improvements, and gives ideas that have worked in diverse industries. He challenges participants to avoid the “That’s The Way We Always Did It” attitude.....

Hear Jim - Is Your Leadership Sinking?

Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer, P.O. Box 10801, Green Bay, WI 54301, 920.434.4540, Email: jnmspeaks@aol.com
Email: jnmspeaks@aol.com
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