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James N. Morrison Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer


The Book of Lists says that public speaking is the number one fear of people. Even above snakes, heights, flying and yes, even dying. Do you ever have to address a group and find that you are in a cold sweat and that a whole flock of butterflies has somehow gotten in your stomach? You are not alone. Even if you are not doing public presentation, we are all called upon to speak to employees, peers, neighborhood meetings, service clubs and more. In this program, Jim stresses the importance of preparation for a presentation. This includes audience analysis, understanding the physical facilities and equipment involved and the format of a good presentation. Jim also gives tips on how to relax before the presentation and get those butterflies at least flying in formation. He also talks about the Do’s and Don’ts while on the platform such as gestures and voice, gives tips on the use of AV equipment and helps you learn how to answer questions.

Hear Jim - I'd Rather Die Than Give a Speech

Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer, P.O. Box 10801, Green Bay, WI 54301, 920.434.4540, Email: jnmspeaks@aol.com
Email: jnmspeaks@aol.com
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